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o·rig·i·nal – Preceding all others in time; first.

I have always had a passion for creating things! I thank both of my lovely grandmas for that gene 🙂 I remember visiting my grandma in the summer and helping her paint wooden figures or watching her sew…brings back fond memories. I put my love for sewing aside when I started my photography business in March but then quickly realized that I could use this skill in my new found business! This is where lilian.grace creations comes in 🙂 When I started this little side business I was making what I thought others wanted, what the current trend was in the photography world. It got tiring real quickly, making something because I HAD to instead of because of wanting to. The passion was gone. But only temporarily! I took a little hiatus and after much thought a friend and I came up with this amazing idea…sewn bonnets! But not just any bonnet, a vintage-esque Victorian inspired bonnet! lilian.grace creations got some new branding to go along with the new product. And…I could not be happier! The new lilian.grace is more of what I love and what I want myself. It is fresh and original. One of a kind.

This has been a fun and interesting week in the world of lilian.grace…I will not get into it but I am finding that things happen for a reason and I am using my new found knowledge to help further my own business. I am now marketing my business more and reaching out to amazing newborn photographers. Are YOU a newborn photographer? Please contact me if you are, I will give a select few newborn exclusive photographers a hardy discount on my bonnets in exchange for shout-outs and use of photos 🙂 Also, I was fortunate enough to be selected by the fabulous Skye Edmonds of Work of Heart Photography and Reverie to be a part of her annual Christmas giveaway! I can not be more excited and honored!!

Ok…let’s get to the fun part! The photos! I love these bonnets, they are beautiful and girly in every way. So sweet and lovely. Dainty 🙂

Feel free to pin my photos on Pinterest! But please tag me #amandabuechler 🙂

I will try to set up an OOAK sale every two weeks or so, so please keep an eye out on my Facebook page!

Thanks ❤ Amanda


About Amanda Buechler Photography - Snohomish County Photographer

Snohomish County on location, natural light photography. Specializing in Maternity, Newborns, Children, Family, Engagement, High School Seniors, Headshots and Commercial photography.
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2 Responses to lilian.grace creations | Commercial Photographer | Amanda Buechler Photography

  1. Amy Ballard says:

    SUPER cute! YOu are SO talented! I would love to see one of these on a sweet baby!

  2. I agree, these are so cute! I can’t wait to get mine 🙂

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