the adventures of a mischievous little elf :)

so, this post is for our new family addition (drumroll, please)….ELFY! we were so very fortunate to adopt our own little elf this year πŸ™‚ now naming his was not an easy feet. i mean, ive never known an elf before so i didnt know what would be a proper name. hahaha well luckily our daughter is so very creative and came up with the completely original name of elfy. honestly she is very creative, so i was rather surprised with the end result. if you are currently reading this and wondering if i am feeling ok and why the heck i am talking about elves…well, you must live under a rock because “elf on the shelf” is this years “tickle me elmo”. its huge! everyone has an elf πŸ™‚ if you still dont know what im talking about then follow this link and read up on the tradition of the “elf on the shelf”. he has helped keep my daughter in check on multiple occasions. elfy reports her good behavior every night to “the boss” and then comes back and is in a new location when she wakes up. if she has had a rough day and doesnt have very many good things to report then he does not go see santa and then stays in his same spot. we have sadly had to do this already. i am personally having so much fun trying to think of new locations for elfy to magically appear each morning πŸ™‚ the silly little elf made us donuts the other night while we were sleeping! hes taken a little ride in a sleigh as well as an rc car and yesterday had a little photo shoot with a few princess! hahaha here are some photos of elfys shenanigans…

day 1 – elfy made a snowman out of marshmallows!

day 2 – sittin pretty with our angel πŸ™‚

day 3 – hangin in a little stocking next to the christmas cards

day 4 – oopsie…elfy “forgot” to move πŸ˜›

day 5 – sleigh ride!

day 6 – just hanging around πŸ˜›

day 7 – reading a story to the nutcrackers πŸ™‚

day 8 – made a huge mess!

day 9 – under the control of a reindeer! ahhhh! πŸ˜‰

day 10 – oopsie…someone had a rough day so mr. elfy stayed put in his little pink car :/

day 11 – sitting on the wall frames…why not!?

day 12 – your just going to have to wait πŸ™‚ check out my facebook page daily to see what elfy the elf is up to!

oh, and please excuse the very poorly lit photos…i remember to do our daily photo shoots once the sun goes down…at stinking 430pm!

if you are in need of ideas for your elf adventures go check out “blossom bunkhouse”, she has compliled a list of 101 ideas!

thanks πŸ™‚ amanda


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2 Responses to the adventures of a mischievous little elf :)

  1. Amanda, these are great! We have an elf too his name is Buddy and I love seeing what other elves like to do for their families! I love the one where he is zip-lining πŸ˜‰

  2. Amy Ballard says:

    I bet your kids have a blast with that! SO fun! What a RAD mama!!

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