woah nelly, crave does giveaways right! :P

check out this insane giveaway from Crave Photography!!! FREE 2 day workshop + 50mm lens!!!



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what really matters…

Think left and think right and think low and think high.Β  Oh, the thinks you can think up if only you try!Β  – Dr. Seuss

i have really been enjoying taking photos of my girls lately while they do what they do πŸ™‚ my oldest loves to paint, she is so crafty…always coloring, cutting paper, making cards for friends and family, drawing, painting and so on. and thats exactly what shes doing here…being her crafty little self and painting a princess πŸ™‚

have a great day πŸ™‚

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lilian.grace FREE tieback headband :)

i have had so much fun creating new products since the rebranding of my shop lilian.grace in october! it now has a sweet and earthy style that i love so very much πŸ™‚ i recently debuted a pretty new raw linen tieback headband and i want to share it with you all by giving one away!! click on the photo below and it will take you to my lilian.grace facebook page and tell how to enter to win the new tieback headband.



have a great day! πŸ™‚

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enjoying the small things…

one of my goals this year is to take more photos of my two little ones…photos of them just being them…this includes breakfast on our faces or outfits that are completely mismatched πŸ™‚

the end…

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drummroll please…

and the GREAT BIG winner of the GREAT BIG year end celebration is…


Amy Susi!!!!!!!


Congrats Amy! You are one lucky gal!!! You have till Tuesday 10am to contact me πŸ™‚

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the GREAT BIG year end celebration!

hi everyone!!!! i can not even begin to thank each and everyone of my fans and friends enough for supporting me in not just one, but two, of my passions! i am so lucky to have turned something i completely love into a thriving business! i am so excited to see what the new year has in store for myself as well as you all πŸ™‚ as i was putting together this giveaway i thought of all the people and shops i have encountered and loved over the last 9 months. most of these fabulous businesses in some way or another have helped me get where i am…whether that is making me a logo, bringing a little more life to my photos, giving me an outlet to talk to other photographers, giving me a place to share my photos with each family, a way to showcase my photos on the wall or many many other things. i also have chosen a few newer shops that i have come across recently…i know i am not a large shop by any means but i would love to be able to some how pay it forward to new shops that are just starting out. starting a business is difficult and knowing someone believes in your product is huge! well, to me anyways πŸ™‚ i am thankful for those that believed in me when i first started! without you i would not be where i am today! so thank you…and to pay you all back i put this celebration together. this is a photographers dream come true! everything you could ever possibly need to make your business look beautiful as well as help you along to that next level πŸ™‚ without further ado here is the fabulous line up…


FIRST ENTRY (required) – What made you smile this past week??? Leave in comments below. Did your kiddo take their first steps? Get a new camera? Make a snowman? Sleep in?!

SECOND ENTRY (required) – Please “like” shops and photographers pages on Facebook. Commenting is NOT required, but of course everyone likes a kind word πŸ™‚ AFTER liking all the pages then come back here and leave one comment that you have done so!

WARNING! Keep in mind that Facebook WILL block you if you “like” too many pages at once. There is not a magical number, it is never the same. Facebook will also block you if you comment too many times. PLEASE please take your time when “liking” pages. If you are blocked in any way this is not my fault.

EXTRA ENTRY #1 – Share giveaway on Facebook. Tag me in your share and then come back here and comment that you have done so.

Don’t know how to tag? You MUST “like” a page before tagging. Start typing @amandabuechlerphotography OR @liliangracecreations and a drop box will come up, you should see the option of either of my shops, click it…and you just tagged!

EXTRA ENTRY #2 – Blog about this giveaway and leave a link of your blog post below in the comments.

EXTRA ENTRY #3 – “pin” the top photo (the GREAT BIG year end celebration) on Pinterest and tag me in it by typing @amandabuechler. Then come back here and comment that you did so.

EXTRA ENTRY #4 – Tweet about this giveaway! Comment that you did so and leave your Twitter name

EXTRA ENTRY #5 – Due to recent events I really want to share an amazing website that is helping everyone remember to respect the intellectual property of artist.

“LINKwithlove is the idea that by banding together in a “neighbourhood watch” type way – we, the internet, could teach and learn respect when dealing with intellectual property online. It is our dream that art, music, photography, words, design, ideas, etc – be shared in a way that is respectful, educated and kind.By teaching and supporting the proper ways to share intellectual property – we will make a difference.” – LINKwithlove

As a fifth entry please go “like” LINKwithlove on Facebook! Then come back here and comment that you did so. And remember…if you did not create it please please please link back AND give props to those that did. And this is not necessary but go grab a button from their website and add it to your blog as a reminder to everyone else to remember to “ACCEPT, RESPECT, PROTECT” – LINKwithlove


the GREAT BIG giveaway starts Tuesday 12/13 and goes till midnight PST FRIDAY 12/23. the winner will be announced via blog post on Saturday 12/24. SUBSCRIBE to blog posts (on right) so you do not miss out! winner has 60 hours to respond, after then another winner will be chosen on 12/27. I will be checking on the entries of the winner, if an “extra entry” is the chosen winning entry the “required” entries must first be accounted for. this MUST be fair.

The fantastical shops and photographers:

On The Spot Studio – Facebook | Website

Oh So Posh Photography – Facebook | Website

Kraft and Jute – Facebook | Website

Clickin’ Moms – Facebook | Website | Store

Shootproof – Facebook | Website

Melissa Davis Designs – Facebook | Website

Zach Prez – Facebook | Website

Starlit Nest – Facebook | Website | Etsy

Strawberry Girl Couture – Facebook

Rachael Myers Photography – Facebook | Website

Splash of Color by Moonlight – Facebook | Website

Birdesign – Facebook | Etsy

lilian.grace – Facebook | Etsy

Vintage Lucy’s – Facebook | Website

Michelle Renee Photography – Facebook | Website

Vintage Child:Modern by PetalPetal – Facebook | Website

Jenn Liebman Creations – Facebook

Amanda Buechler Photography – Facebook

The Blueberry Hill – Facebook | Website

Rustic and Refined Design – Facebook | Etsy

The Chic Shutter Shoppe – Facebook

Doodlebug Crocheted Couture- Facebook

Gwurly Girl – Facebook | Etsy

Bloomin Bloomers – Facebook | Website

Twinklet and Tots – Facebook

Sleepy Bebe – Facebook | Etsy

Wittle Whaleys – Facebook | Website

Personalized Frames – Facebook | Etsy

thank you all again so much! goooooood luck!

❀ amanda

the fine print: this prize package has no cash value. items are non-transferable. Amanda Buechler Photography endorses these products but is not responsible for matters concerning products once the contest has ended and information has been delivered to the vendor. these amazing vendors have generously donated their time and energy into this giveaway. please respect this! this giveaway is in no way endorsed, sponsored, or associated with Facebook or Twitter in any way. by entering you understand all information is being provided by Amanda Buechler Photography, and not Facebook.

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coming soon…

a huge, enormous, gigantic, giant giveaway put together with photographers in mind πŸ™‚ scheduled to start this tuesday…get ready!


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lilian.grace creations | Commercial Photographer | Amanda Buechler Photography

oΒ·rigΒ·iΒ·nal – Preceding all others in time; first.

I have always had a passion for creating things! I thank both of my lovely grandmas for that gene πŸ™‚ I remember visiting my grandma in the summer and helping her paint wooden figures or watching her sew…brings back fond memories. I put my love for sewing aside when I started my photography business in March but then quickly realized that I could use this skill in my new found business! This is where lilian.grace creations comes in πŸ™‚ When I started this little side business I was making what I thought others wanted, what the current trend was in the photography world. It got tiring real quickly, making something because I HAD to instead of because of wanting to. The passion was gone. But only temporarily! I took a little hiatus and after much thought a friend and I came up with this amazing idea…sewn bonnets! But not just any bonnet, a vintage-esque Victorian inspired bonnet! lilian.grace creations got some new branding to go along with the new product. And…I could not be happier! The new lilian.grace is more of what I love and what I want myself. It is fresh and original. One of a kind.

This has been a fun and interesting week in the world of lilian.grace…I will not get into it but I am finding that things happen for a reason and I am using my new found knowledge to help further my own business. I am now marketing my business more and reaching out to amazing newborn photographers. Are YOU a newborn photographer? Please contact me if you are, I will give a select few newborn exclusive photographers a hardy discount on my bonnets in exchange for shout-outs and use of photos πŸ™‚ Also, I was fortunate enough to be selected by the fabulous Skye Edmonds of Work of Heart Photography and Reverie to be a part of her annual Christmas giveaway! I can not be more excited and honored!!

Ok…let’s get to the fun part! The photos! I love these bonnets, they are beautiful and girly in every way. So sweet and lovely. Dainty πŸ™‚

Feel free to pin my photos on Pinterest! But please tag me #amandabuechler πŸ™‚

I will try to set up an OOAK sale every two weeks or so, so please keep an eye out on my Facebook page!

Thanks ❀ Amanda

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the adventures of a mischievous little elf :)

so, this post is for our new family addition (drumroll, please)….ELFY! we were so very fortunate to adopt our own little elf this year πŸ™‚ now naming his was not an easy feet. i mean, ive never known an elf before so i didnt know what would be a proper name. hahaha well luckily our daughter is so very creative and came up with the completely original name of elfy. honestly she is very creative, so i was rather surprised with the end result. if you are currently reading this and wondering if i am feeling ok and why the heck i am talking about elves…well, you must live under a rock because “elf on the shelf” is this years “tickle me elmo”. its huge! everyone has an elf πŸ™‚ if you still dont know what im talking about then follow this link and read up on the tradition of the “elf on the shelf”. he has helped keep my daughter in check on multiple occasions. elfy reports her good behavior every night to “the boss” and then comes back and is in a new location when she wakes up. if she has had a rough day and doesnt have very many good things to report then he does not go see santa and then stays in his same spot. we have sadly had to do this already. i am personally having so much fun trying to think of new locations for elfy to magically appear each morning πŸ™‚ the silly little elf made us donuts the other night while we were sleeping! hes taken a little ride in a sleigh as well as an rc car and yesterday had a little photo shoot with a few princess! hahaha here are some photos of elfys shenanigans…

day 1 – elfy made a snowman out of marshmallows!

day 2 – sittin pretty with our angel πŸ™‚

day 3 – hangin in a little stocking next to the christmas cards

day 4 – oopsie…elfy “forgot” to move πŸ˜›

day 5 – sleigh ride!

day 6 – just hanging around πŸ˜›

day 7 – reading a story to the nutcrackers πŸ™‚

day 8 – made a huge mess!

day 9 – under the control of a reindeer! ahhhh! πŸ˜‰

day 10 – oopsie…someone had a rough day so mr. elfy stayed put in his little pink car :/

day 11 – sitting on the wall frames…why not!?

day 12 – your just going to have to wait πŸ™‚ check out my facebook page daily to see what elfy the elf is up to!

oh, and please excuse the very poorly lit photos…i remember to do our daily photo shoots once the sun goes down…at stinking 430pm!

if you are in need of ideas for your elf adventures go check out “blossom bunkhouse”, she has compliled a list of 101 ideas!

thanks πŸ™‚ amanda

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happy “small business saturday”!! :P

schedule your 2012 traditional, newborn or senior portrait session with Amanda Buechler Photography and get a CD with 10 of your edited images for FREE!

*$50 non-refundable deposit required to hold spot, due by 12/2/11

*the 10 images will be of your choice from the ones given in proof portfolio

*all full sessions applicable, mini sessions not included

*can not be combined with other discounts


please email me if you have any questions at all!!


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